By using, you agree to the following:

Age and consent
  • You are over the age of 18 at the moment of joining and in all the content you are uploading through Sheer.
  • All the persons appearing in your content are over the age of 18 and consented to appear on Sheer and related websites, and you are expected to provide documentation proving this, in a timely manner, when requested.
  • You must own the exclusive rights, or a license for all the content you upload.
  • All your content is considered legal in your country and respects the laws of the European Union.
License Type: Non-exclusive
  • Your videos should be in 720P, 1080P or 4k Quality and photos in high resolution.
  • The content does not have to be exclusive.
  • No watermarks or ads allowed except for your main brand name. No domain name allowed.
  • Your Sheer URL is watermarked automatically on the content.
  • The following rules are required to ensure that our users can spend on Sheer knowing that they are not paying more than they would elsewhere and ensure a fair environment for everyone :
  • The prices you set for PPV may not be higher than on other platforms for the same content.
  • Scenes you sold through PPV will remain available privately to the people who bought them, even if you want to stop selling that content or want it removed from the platform.
  • If you sell non-exclusive content through memberships, the price of the membership must not be higher than the same or similar content of yours on other platforms.
  • You may not set up a membership offer that has less content than you currently have on other platforms, nor may it be missing important updates that are present elsewhere.
  • Your membership video content must be uploaded with the highest bitrate, image per second, and resolution possible. Your photos must be uploaded in the highest resolution possible.
  • If you sell content through memberships on other platforms, you may not sell it on Sheer exclusively through pay-per-video. However you may sell it through PPV and memberships at the same time.
License Type: Exclusive
  • You must be the original and exclusive owner of the content and provide the full consent and age documentation of each performer
  • The content must not have been released anywhere else previously.
  • Your videos should be in 1080P or 4k Quality (Recommended), and photos in high resolution.
  • No watermarks or ads allowed except for your main brand name. No domain name allowed.
  • Your Sheer URL is watermarked automatically on the content.
  • You must provide the original files.
  • Our system will calculate a long term, projected 3-year monetary value. This is completed within 15 days of the video being live on our Network.
  • You agree to transfer full and exclusive ownership of the content to us (meaning you will not be allowed to use it with any other website or service, except authorized partner sites), at the moment of release.
  • The 3-year projected value from the sales of exclusive content is paid in advance to your account 15 days after the release date of the video.
  • Abusing the exclusive option may result in the loss of the ability to receive advance payments or even the removal of the ability to release exclusive content completely.
  • Abuse includes (but is not limited to) releasing exclusive content again as exclusive, or content that you did not have the right to sell.
Payouts for content creators

Percentages of net revenue of the creator. These values are subject to change at any time.

ALL the numbers in this table represent the commission of our content partners.

For example, as a content partner you earn 80% of the net membership revenue for all the customers on your Sheer profile, and 90% for tips and customs, and usually less for customers coming from partner websites (because they have to be paid for providing you with extra sales and giving more visibility to your brand).

For customers on
you earn :
For customers on
partner sites
you earn :
Memberships 80%50%
PPV (non-exclusive)80%50%
PPV (exclusive) 80%50-80%
Tips 90%90%
Customs 90%90%
Live streaming95%≥40%
Ads (non-exclusive)-50%
Ads (exclusive)-90%
Premium (non-exclusive)-≥50%
Premium (exclusive) -≥90%
Payouts for standard referrals
  • It is not allowed for a content creator account to benefit from the referral program for another account of theirs, or their own companies.
  • Employees of the Sheer company may benefit from the program but only if they referred content creators on their own (meaning, excluding creators who contacted them through because of their position).
Duration : 4 yearsSheerPartners
PPV (non-exclusive)2%4%
PPV (exclusive)2%2%
Live streaming1%1%
Ads (non-exclusive)-1%
Ads (exclusive)-1%
Premium (non-exclusive)-2%
Premium (exclusive)-2%
  • Payments are sent automatically once a month (on the 5th, 15th or 25th), provided you have valid payment information entered and the minimum payout has been reached (at least 300$).
  • You can request additional payments that will incur a fee of $20 (USD).
Breach of the terms
  • We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time and for any reason.
  • The money you earned will always be paid to you unless it was determined fraudulent.
  • In the case of not maintaining the competitiveness of your membership (see License Type: Non-exclusive), we reserve the right to lower your payout to 20% net globally until a year has elapsed, after which we will remove your membership content. Keep in mind that content creators who neglect their paying subscribers put the company at risk due to potential chargebacks and refunds.

Note: Rejecting these terms or term updates will prevent you from making further updates to your account. However, we will reach out to you directly and listen to any questions or concerns you may have.