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Welcome to my page!Here all the videos are between 10-20min long.You will find all the European pornstars and many amateur girls.At the same time you will find many boy girl video,pov solos and GG/BGA.The quality of the videos its much higher.You will find all type of content as well many fetish videos. All lingerie items that you see in my videos are for sale.DM me for more infos.On my sheer profile you can order your custom video.The prices are: 4$ per minute for normal video / 6$ per minute for anal video. The video request has to be at least 5 minutes and maximum 15-20 minutes.Now it depends on what each of you request.There might be extra charges if there are some extra requests.For Lesbo or Boy/Girl Custom Videos the thing is like this: I live alone so for either of them I have to book a boy or a girl/Normally a boy is 300-400Euro and for lesbo can be from 150-400Euro depends on who is the girl. If u want to order your custom videos and its under 100$, ill take your request but you have to TIP the amount of $ on the site and u'll get your custom video by email.

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